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US ISF SHIPPING REGULATIONS 10+2 (Importer Security Filing)

Normativa de embarques en USA

From this date until the beginning of April, the competent American authority will gradually send harsher warnings to those importers who do not comply with these regulations.


Starting in April, customs will remove the grace period and may not only stop the shipment at any point, but also impose fines on importers of up to $5,000.


In order to comply with ISF 10+2, exporters will have to provide certain information, some of which we will provide, and then pass it on to the importing client or their agent, so that they can complete the information required in the form and send it.


For further information, we recommend consulting the website of the American

Authority that regulates this regulation, called CBP (Custom & Border Protection), where you can find out more on it.


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Exportador Autorizado - Simplificacion en los trámites de aduanas y abaratamiento de costes

La legislación aduanera ampara esta práctica que gana importancia a raíz de la crisis sanitaria del COVID-19. Por lo que Cargo Services está promoviendo entre los exportadores el uso de la figura legal del “Exportador autorizado” para simplificar los trámites en las aduanas y abaratar los costes relacionados con el pago de aranceles.

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Cargo Services Group in Dominican Republic

Small capsule where our experience in Dominican Republic is detailed.

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Leading Company in Business Growth

We are delighted to share the award received by CEPYME as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in Spain. (just talking about our Madrid office!!!). Thank you everyone for you support, our aim is to be easy to do business with.

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