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Carbon footprint registration, compensation and carbon dioxide absorption projects

2021 C

Through the Carbon Footprint Registry, compensation and carbon dioxide absorption projects, it highlights the degree of effort undertaken by Cargo Services Group against climate change.2021 c

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Nuevos controles e inspecciones sobre RoHS y RAEE

New controls and inspections have been implemented in 2023 for the importation of goods related to RoHS and RAEE, with the aim of ensuring efficient and safe waste management for sustainability.

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ICS 2: Europe strengthens its import system

March 1st is an important date on the calendar for economic operators in air transportation, as the new security tool for imports to the European Union (EU), the ICS2, comes into effect

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Sercobe & Cargo Services Group

Cargo Services Group tiene el honor de formar parte de SERCOBE (Asociación Nacional de Fabricantes de Bienes de Equipo).

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